Versa Gripps... review...

  1. Versa Gripps... review...

    not a big fan of straps but heavy deads/shrugs i have used them and in general have found them pretty annoying.

    so i spent the 55US on versa gripps after i saw trey brewer pounding back with them

    used them first time today just doing shrugs... was really not that impressed. i am 6'5, 255 and didnt feel the pad was long enough for my hand to grip the bar (using the new pro series). it pretty much felt like i am holding a piece of plastic in my hand like those things that help you open jars. my callused hands grip better than plastic

    anyway,,, will see when i do back next week if i change my mind but right now 6/10. think good old 3$ cotton straps are better

    any tips on using em better, or tutorials let me know

    i have been playing around with them, looking at videos. will post updated review when i do back
    so today first time, first use as beginner used them probably not perfect so we will see on back

  2. I have a pair and think they are the best thing since androl.... If they are not long enough to lap into your palm, then I can definatly see the issue since they basicly work off friction. And they are not plastic.. its rubber. Plastic would not be very helpfull

  3. you had the flap around the bar and your hand just touching the end right? not using it with the flap touching your hand?

    like this

    NOT like this

  4. thanks guys

    i tried both methods, but didnt put enough effort into the pulling form shown above.

    i have watched lots of videos, and especially slow mo'ed trey brewer wrapping it and will try it out better for back. they are a bit short but i think i was too used to the old straps and definitly didnt do it like the videos

    that is why i said initial review... i hope that for me they will be the best thing since anadrol too

  5. I've got some thumb arthritis, and I seriously couldn't deadlift the bar with one plate on each end barehanded, and even with straps could only get bar + a 45+25 on each side, anything more and it would still unravel out of my hands. I can hit 3 45s a side using these

  6. I have been wanting to try these out. Thanks for reminding me to order some

  7. actually another thing to keep in mind is that on a pull like a deadlift, you don't need to have it tight around your wrist, it can be a bit loose. That should give you a little extra length to play with as well. you really only need it tight on exercises where you need the wrist support, maybe bench presses or curls.

  8. so you guys where these everyday, not just back/deadlift days?

  9. i just use mine for pullups, kelso shrugs and BO rows.

  10. I use them for everything. they feel nicer than using gloves, and when you loosen them a little you can easily spin them around so the flap is on the back of your hand when you want a bare hand for something

  11. Review Update

    A hell of a lot better today on back
    Will definitely be a staple on my back day. The grip is still too short but i have big hands and well thats that i will make due
    Hit some 150 db rows and deadlifts no problems and grip felt very strong

    so i gotta give it 8.5/10 final review


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