Help for a "big" guy

  1. Help for a "big" guy

    well for starters im 6'1'' 270 lbs 19yrs. I spent time in the gym from the age of 14 to 18 i was a offensive lineman in highschool and 1 year of dII before dropping out and doing pretty much nothing.
    Now im back in the gym looking to get into better shape.
    This is my general workout routine for a week which i have been on for 2 weeks and put together myself off of some reasources online.
    bench press 5x10
    incline 4x8
    decline 4x8
    pec dec 4x8
    cable flys 4x10

    Lat pull down 4x8
    bent over barbell rows 4x8
    seated rows 4x8
    one arm cable rows 4x8

    5 min cardio
    3 diff workout from other days at 30 reps a piece
    5 min cardio
    3 "lifts"
    5 min cardio
    3 "lifts"
    5 min cardio
    3 "lifts"
    5 min cardio

    Cable curls 4x8
    preacher curls 4x8
    bicep curls 4x8
    one arm cable curl 4x8
    incline dumbell curls 4x8
    rope extentions 4x8
    skullcrushers 4x8
    overhead cable extentions 4x8
    close grip bench 4x6
    push downs 4x8

    Thursday is a repeat of Tuesday

    Military Press 4x10
    upright rows 4x8
    lat raises 4x8
    Front raises 4x8
    Shrugs 4x10
    Squat 4x8
    Calf raises 5x10
    leg extentions 4x8
    leg curls 4x8
    leg press 4x8

    And on saturday i normally try to go for a jog. And rest on sundays.
    The only supp im taking due to my wieght and wanting to burn fat is superpump 250 for the energy to do my workout.
    My diet is generally this in one day.
    1 cup cottage cheese /w 1/2 cup fresh pinnaple
    3/4 cup of oats

    2 cups of salad
    1/2 cup baby spinach
    1 packet of tuna
    1/4 cup of roasted sunflower seeds
    a shot of italian dressing for flavor.

    8 oz. baked chicken breast /w random spice added.
    or oz. baked salmon
    1 1/2 cup steamed veggies

    For snacks i tend to try to jus eat unsalted nuts or fruit maybe 1-2 snacks a day. i also take a multi from walmart.

    Im looking for any comments tips or advice. ive read quite a few posts and id really appreaciate more specific comments for my body type and goals (which are to jus burn fat right now then focus on muscle building.)

  2. well let's start with the basics here, your diet is very low in calories, I'm not even sure there's enough there to support good health and sensible fat loss. if you do not exercise and are sedentary most of the day you're maintenance cals are around 3000. now that you're in the gym for 4 days a week i would shoot for 3000, this will take into consideration you're new activities and should be low enough to aid in fat loss.

    add up all of what you listed above, how many calories are there? use for help in this area.

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