Need some advice.

  1. Need some advice.

    The way my schedule is going to be working, i will only be able to get to the gym on Monday's, Wednesday, and fridays. What are some good workouts that I can do, that will still let me grow? Do yall think pairing groups on the same day would still work? (ex. Monday-Arms and Back, Wed-Chest and Legs, and maybe Fri-Shoulders and Cardio.). I'm use to having all week to spread it across and I'm not sure the best way to do it for 3 days a week. Any advice would be helpful.

  2. Back and Bis/ Chest tris and shoulders/ and legs... IMO

  3. I have heard about the 5x5, but never tried the workout. I was told the 5x5 was good 3-day workout. Anyone had any experience with this or good results?

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