shin splints

  1. shin splints

    hey guys, well iv been tryin to up my HITT so i can cut down on some bf and iv been gettin crazy bad shin splints, ive got new running shoes and i stretch evertime before i work out or run. any ideas or tips? thanks

  2. You have to gradually pick up your time spent running in relation to speed and distance. Use a topical cream to help relieve the swelling and take some naproxin about 30 minutes prior to running. Also, new running shoes aren't necessarily good if they're not made for your type of feet and running style. Make sure you have a pair rated right for you.

  3. try HIIT on another machine for awhile. when ever i put on weight my shins hurt bad. also it took my a little while to figure out which running style is best for me, turns out that i was leaning forward too much and putting stress on my shins, i leaning back a bit and it seems to help.

  4. I agree with Jay in every way. Scale it back a bit and see if that helps. Also, if the shin splints came at the same time as the new shoes... they may not be right. I bought a pair of shoes before and not even 2 wks later had to ditch them for a different pair 'cause they were not right for me.
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  5. If you're really hitting it hard I would think about going to a running shop where they have a trained staff that watches you run, and helps you get the right shoe for you. Of course, it is pricier, but worth it if it aids in pain free improvement.


    you are only increasing the damage if you continue to run. lay off the pavement/treadmill for a while. get on the eliptical or rower.. do some crunches for your midsection...

    Ice and elevate.. compression isnt necessarily good either!

    as i run 60+kms per week on avg i know all about shin splints... can turn into spurs! :S

  7. dammit I have the same problem.

    My shoes are specifically fitted, however it's all in the way I run - too flat footed a PT told me. Need to practice to land each foot heel first.

  8. yeah if you're heal heavy or have pronated knees your screwed.. my feet are almost flippers!!! try running at a pace that is more than a jog and not quite a sprint as your natural momentum would tend to be very long light strides (almost bouncy)

  9. could be the muscles in your calves are much stronger than the muscles in your shins which could come from jogging on machines instead of outside.

  10. As soon as your bodyfat goes down a notch the pain WILL stop because your body has been forged through tens of thousands of evolution, your body will adapt,when your fat goes down ur total weight is lower therefore less impact when you run, humans ,were born as hunters they had to run. Just keep running, take some time off to recuperate and it will eventually stop. I used to get crazy shin splits as well last year during basketball practise now i don't think i ever get shin splits, also start your training out slowly, be progressive and do some stretching before you run.

  11. I find that I get more pains (shin splints, achey knees, etc.) when I run/jog at a slower pace. When moving slow, you tend to "tromp" instead of glide. Picking up the pace should naturally lengthen your stride and keep you from bounding as much. Your feet should be landing directly underneath you, not out in front. And stay upright... don't lean forward or backward.

  12. I used to get them bad when I ran as well. Even tried running on the side of the road to reduce the shock and it didn't work. When I am doing HIIT now, I do it on eliptical machines, much less impact on the body...

    Quote Originally Posted by holota18 View Post
    hey guys, well iv been tryin to up my HITT so i can cut down on some bf and iv been gettin crazy bad shin splints, ive got new running shoes and i stretch evertime before i work out or run. any ideas or tips? thanks


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