Bench Press - Weak In Middle

  1. Bench Press - Weak In Middle

    For a long time I have had issues with a plateau in my bench that I am certain is tricep related. I am 6'4 215, max bench prolly at about 300. Wingspan is about 78 inches, long long arms.

    I noticed today, while doing Flat Barbell Bench, the middle third of the range of motion is where I really have to strain. (I had just done 2 sets Incline Barbell, 8 reps @215). Doing 2 sets of [email protected] 215, on the second set, on about the 4th rep, I was having no issue getting it a foot off my chest with strict form, but right at that juncture, about 50% through the rep, I couldnt get the bar up without cheating a little.

    My question is, during that middle 1/3 of the rep, what is doing a bulk of the work. I would assume the lower portion of the tricep, which has always been a weak point of mine. It doesnt seem right that my incline is as strong or stronger than my flat, and this has never been the case before.

    I know that some say you cannot isolate the different areas of the tricep, and that partial rep sets are not recommended, but I am almost positive that its my lack of strength in the portion of the tricep closest to the elbow.

    If anyone else, especially anyone 6'2 and over has experienced this or has ant insight, I could really use some help.

  2. I do find that my triceps usually are the limiting factor on my bench.. if that is what you are wondering? This makes sense because it is a much smaller muscle group than the chest. I try to bench with hands shoulder with apart not too close to incorporate too much tricep. But, I do heavy sets of tricep work on my arm days and heavy skull crushers, which usually help me support the heavier weight. Although you are slightly taller than I am and have a little bit longer arms, I'm sure if you trained your triceps up your bench press would increase as well.(assuming you do not hit a roadblock of actually pressing the weight off of your chest which you say you have no problem doing)
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  3. 6'5 1/2, 255

    had the same issues. can take lots of weight about a foot off the chest then it gets hard.
    lots of things you can do. one of them is to just keep pushing ahead and make gains as they come.

    what i did was bring in my arms about a foot and a half apart and bench pressed like this for 2 months. Did the bottom 3/4 of the range big squeeze at the top.

    Actually let my chest grow a ton, most ever and really got my triceps better on the bench. now going back to normal width feels very explosive, i have failed on the bottom this week.

    It is worth a try. Dont think because you are pressing closer your bench is going to go down, i think you will be very very very surprised what you can lift with those triceps after a month, and at a foot and a half part lots of chest is still involved for me personally just far less shoulders which is good

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