Ive decided to go to the dark side. help.

  1. Ive decided to go to the dark side. help.

    Ive decided. No one is going to change my mind. I know i am 18, but i am ready to take ph and steroids. Once again, no one is going to change my mind on this subject. It would be helpful though if i could get some help on this subject. I have reseached for the last 6 months on many. I would really like to have someone that can help me with diet, correct bridge or stack of phs or roids, and help with best pct and before cycle supps. Also, right now i am basically doing a 5x5 on core lifts with 3x8-10 on aux lifts. I would like help with that also. I am ready to start a lifestyle of lifting and eating correctly, I would just like to get a jump start. So once again, my mind will not be changed on the subject, but if u would like to help me, because i dont know everything.

    My goals are basically to gain size and strength, preferably lean mass.

    My lifts as of this point are:
    Overhead press:195

    Once again, I would like someone to walk me through quite a bit, so if anyone has any extra time and doesnt want a beginner to get off on the wrong foot, then please help. Ive done many other posts, being confused on what i wanted, but i am for sure on this and wanna start as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for help.

  2. First, if you are dead set on this and nobody can change your mind, start reading up on everything on the anabolic section. Look through PCT's, logs, etc... Then you must have your training and diet down, and it seems like you do. Second, you need to know almost everything about the compounds you are willing to inject/ingest. What are sides, how to combat sides, which pct to take based on the compound, etc... Third, you need to know about PCT (post cycle therapy) protocol. What a SERM and AI is, how they interact with your body, how long to take them and at what optimal dose (which is usually user dependent). You have tamoxifen, clomid and toremifene. All 3 are SERMs. Tamox and torem are estro antagonists of the breast tissue and stimulate LH. They are better for combating gynecomastia than clomid. However, clomid is slightly better at stimulating LH. All 3 are sold as research chems or as scripts. AIs include letrozole, aromasin and arimidex, they reduce estro levels in the body significantly. Letro is the strongest and comes with the most sides such as lethargy, dry, achy joints and a reduction of the immune system, that comes with about 97 percent of your estrogen killed. Aromasin is better in terms of sides, but slightly less effective than letro at killing gyno, but great none the less. It is also the most expensive and hard to come by. Arimidex is the least strongest and is used mostly to combat bloat given from compound conversion to estro or excess estro in general.....

  3. You must know when you should take an AI and if you will, how it will interact with your SERM. EX: Nolva and Letro is a no go. Letro reduces the effectiveness of nolva significantly requiring you to take in more nolva (tamox). Also, you really dont want to take an AI on cycle or after IMO unless you have to, IE gyno flares up. Estro is necessary for gains, health, libido and general well being....

  4. There is still a lot that I have not covered as im writing this all from memory ... If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me..

  5. I appreciate that. I suppose there is more research that is needed to be done, but I def am going to pm you soon about EVERYTHING! ha so get ready. That is if you are willing to help

  6. Well then, lets say I may need to clean out my inbox a bit then because if you are dead set on AAS usage, you need to do it as safe and smart as possible. Thats were research and me I guess comes into play...


  7. No not carry out information exchange about restricted topics that the user fails to meet the requirements to discuss.


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