Need a new routine... ;P

  1. Need a new routine... ;P

    whats up guys, ive been using the same routine for a while now, my body hasn't really responded any more in the past few weeks now and its kind of bumming me out..

    im 6'4, 248, goal weight is 215.

    the whole goal of this is to get back into modelling shape, so clearly areas like the abs/legs/lats need to be hit pretty hard...

    what im doing now is


    Incline BB press- 4x10
    Flat DB press 4x8
    pec deck 3x12
    dips 2x failure (hate these)
    rope push downs 3x10
    bar push downs 3x10
    machine tricep extension 3x10

    front military press 4x8
    rear DB laterals 3x12
    front DB raises 3x12
    side DB raises 3x12
    reverse pec deck thing 3x10
    shrugs 4x10
    preacher DB curls 3x8
    preacher inside grip ez bar 3x8
    hammer curls 3x10

    pullups 4xfailure
    db rows 4x10
    front pulldowns- 3x10
    cable rows- 3x10
    squats 4x8
    leg press 4x10
    leg extension 3x12
    hamstring curl thing 3x12

    (dont laugh) and do 8 minute abs every day before i take a shower in the afternoon


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