What do you guys thing about using a workout journal to track results?

  1. What do you guys thing about using a workout journal to track results?

    Hey I started using a journal to track my poundages for each lift and my workout partner thought it was dumb. I honestly think that being dedicated and doing this will help keep me motivated as I can clearly see results and can know exactly what I did last time. I think keeping track of results in all areas of life is important not just weight lifting. Any opinions?

  2. I have a bad memory at times so I use one. Neat to look back at your progress as well.

  3. Your workout partner is wrong. Keeping a journal is definitely the way to go. It makes tracking progress easy and fast. I'm constantly flipping back to the last time I did whatever workout I'm on, and pushing myself to beat those reps or increase weight.

  4. Ive tried to find the best way to do it im currently just tracking my progress on my ipod touch using the iFitness application that has some logs in it. People write logs here for a reason to track there progress he is the stupid one for not keeping one.

  5. Always took me too long to write it down between sets. I just remember everything from workout to workout now, it's just easier that way.

    However, if keeping a journal helps you keep track of your progress, by all means do it.
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  6. Nice to see I got the right idea. Appreciate the responce guys have a good night!

  7. I just make a chart with my days and exercises listed down the left hand side, then make 4-5 more columns with the weights,reps, and sets I use for the next few workouts.

    Sorta like...


    Deads......400x6x3..........40 5x6x3........
    Rows.......200x8x3............ 215x5x3..........215x7x2, 225x5........



    etc for whatever days and whatever exercises......makes it super easy to see what weights I used the last time, then quickly figure what to shoot for this time, either more weight or a few more reps.
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  8. I used to think guys with journels in the gyms were nerds or something. Then I stared DC almost a year ago, which requires you to log your final work sets, so got a moleskin. That way I mentally know what record I have to break next time I am in the gym days in advance.

    Haven't looked back since.

  9. I always log on my iPhone within the Notes App that comes with it, in addition to writing down how much I lifted with each exercise I jot down how much effort it too, i.e. too much, just right, not heavy enough, etc, so that I know to push it more next time around.

    Oh, and tell your partner to f*ck off.

  10. How does your partner look back on old workouts to see what he can improve on?

    Several months can get confusing. I like to see what I did last yr this time and what diet I was on, supplements used, at what dosages and times. However, I hardly use many now, but it is a good idea to track progress. Unless you are doing it for cognitive reasons or mental stability (depression), I can't see why one wouldn't unless time just does not permit.
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  11. No kidding...I have 19 years of workout journals. I started keeping logs in high school with a bodybuilding coach, and have kept them ever since. It can have it's drawbacks; reading 282 lbs, 32" waist makes me want to cry now!

  12. I tried to write **** down but quit after like 2 months its pointless to me.

  13. I've been using a journal for years now. For me it's always been good to go back and track your progress and see what you can tweak for further progression. Over the years I have become more detailed as far as mood, diet, bwt, etc to measure as well.

  14. Record everything.

  15. iPhone wellness4one app - takes seconds to do and i've never not gotten sore as hell from my workouts since- always increase reps or weight.. if I can't i know i've plateaued at which point i switch my supps and usually get some creatines for energy to push myself..

  16. No Journal is BAD news

    Your main point in bodybuilding or powerlifting is to beat last week. Period.
    More reps more weight but you have to beat it

    I dont see any purpose in working out if you are not progressing on everything. I can remember what i did the week before but in a journal you can write down "slight pain on top 1/3" , "buy new shoes"

  17. Yea without a doubt, I believe using a journal or something to record results is key. Great time to start at the beginning of the year too, it's a good starting point.

  18. definitely keep the log book


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