Well I finally figured up a new workout now that the old one is almost done. Any advice would be great whether you think it will work or not. Goal: I am just starting to cut, but I want to keep the size. I am hoping this workout will do both, or at least keep my strength up.

Reps 7x7x5 3 sets, superset the 2 lifts, a 45 second break between sets and a 1:30 break between groups

Workout A Back/Bi's/Legs

Leg Press/Hamstring Curls
Leg Extension/Single Arm Rows
Lat Pulldowns/Barbell curls
Lunges/Hammer Curls
Decline curls
Forearm curls/Calf Raises

Workout B Chest/Shoulder/Tri's

Dumbell Bench Press/Dumbell Shoulder Press
Incline Dumbell Press/Lat Raises
Dips/Shoulder Shrugs
Skull Crushers/Front Raises
Tricep Pushdowns/Incline Dumbell Flyes

Day 1: workout A
Day 2: HITT Training & Abs
Day 3: workout B
Day 4: HITT Training & Abs
Day 5: workout A
Day 6: HITT Training & Abs
Day 7: workout B

and then Day 8 I repeat straight into workout A or you can use it as an off day if you need one. Does this workout look good towards my goals? Or if I am cutting do I need more cardio in there? I figure that I can keep my heart up by cutting the rest time between sets and groups of lifts as time goes on.