olympic lifts for fatloss/endurance?

  1. olympic lifts for fatloss/endurance?

    so im sure everybody has read that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. im also sure that people have read that compound lifts build loads of muscle.

    ive been looking at things like rippetoe, 5x5 and other things like crossfit. so im wondering if i go about doing olympic style lifts (deads, power cleans, bench, etc etc) and other compound moves at a relatively fast pace with lower weight....this should work right? to be honest, all those threads about 5x5 and crossfit are so filled with BS that you cant really get an answer.

    my goal isnt to gain mass cause im built like a mac truck (a fat one). my goal is more to lose bodyfat and gain some explosive strength and endurance. i dont care about looking "fit" as much as being fit and strong...if that makes sense.

    essentially im thinking about doing fullbody work 3-4x a week at say 70% max at a good pace. and on off days cardio (i.e. running, biking). and upping the weight a little each week.

    ultimately, id like to get back into sparring shape. ive been out for a year and would die in a fight. or throw up a lot.

  2. Any program performed at high intensity will drop fat and increase stamina and endurance. Even pilates. I kid you not. High intensity is an incredible adatogenic force, and applying it to olympic lifting definitely works.

    The thing will olympic movements is that they produce power, and great levels of it. Combining that will high intensity, you have an awesome 1-2 punch.

    Try this one time - 30 Clean and Jerks, for time (on a stopwatch). Set the weight accordingly, and you should be able to get at least 7 straight in the first minute. This is a benchmark workout in the CrossFit program, called "Grace". The "prescribed" weight for the workout is 135lbs, but pick accordingly. The purpose is to keep the intensity high, so that you finish the workout within 2-8 minutes.

  3. ive been looking at crossfits website. still trying to figure out what theyre talking about when they say things like "Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps". im used to things like "backsquat 3x3 or 3x30" what have you. all those extra 3's...no idea.

    im sure ill figure it out after reading some more. an

    thanks for the reply though. hopefully the next 6 months or so will turn out well for me in the strength department. i miss my muscles.

  4. So back squat 3-3-3-3-3 means 5 sets of 3. If CrossFit calls for a strength movement, you are trying to max out in those 5 sets of 3. So ascending... ie, if you're max is 315, it might look something like 275x3, 285, 295, 305, 315.

  5. I'd do advanced 5x5 and either low carb or carb cycling.
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