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    Can't figure this out... Previous of a month ago I was a 4-7 day a week work out kind of guy. All of a sudden I've become somewhat depressed and very stressed out due to home, work, and $ issues. Now I have a hard time with motivation... i.e. just getting up and going to gym, running, short quick work-outs to promote energy ect. Over this past month I've played b-ball 1-2 times per week and lifted maybe 1 day if I was lucky each week. Most of my day has been spent just sitting around being stressed out wondering why I don't have the motivation to go work-out. Trouble is that working out has always been my natural anti-dep and anti-stress "medicine".

    If there is some advice out there I'd appreciate it. I know pills and supps are not everything, but maybe there's something out there that will help at least in the short term to get my ass moving again!

  2. Intrinsic motivation is very hard. Motivation is easier when it's a car you want, a girl, an A grade, etc. Bodybuilding isn't an over night, or even a short term achievement, which discourages a lot of people (hence the obesity epidemic). Before I offer you what helps me, let me ask (as this will greatly effect energy levels, depression, lethargy, motivation) are you currently taking any anabolics? Orals or injectables will have a pronounced effect on these factors. If not, my best advice to you is to go back to setting goals. Give yourself a written reminder of what it is you wish to accomplish in the daily, weekly, and longer time frames. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and WRITE THEM DOWN!! That's a big part; write them down. If you're unfamiliar with S.M.A.R.T. goals, they're Specific (lift x pounds on bench press, not "get ripped") Measurable (use pounds lifted, miles run, etc) Attainable (something you can do to achieve your goal-workout 3-4 days per week, etc) Realistic (not with the Sandow in 2 years, or outrun Usain Bolt tomorrow in the 50 yard dash) and Timely (when are you going to acheive this goal? - weeks, months, years?)
    I usually set my goals 8-12 weeks apart. I've found that this gives me enough time to accomplish realistic goals, and it lets me evaluate my progress. And each time, my goals get loftier. Had I set a goal for 1 year away, I'd have fallen off course by now, but having small, incremental goals keeps me on track, and I find that a year later, I crushed that original goal.
    Good luck to you, I hope any of this long winded reply might have helped. Biggest thing; write them down!!

  3. I just made a copy, but added some questions in. I would sure appreciate your input. Here is a link to my other thread where my question is -

  4. I believe everyone has motivation issues one way or another. You just need to find that special thing that motivates you. For me I try not to think about what in my life is bringing me down.

  5. get a pre workout supp like jacked or no xplode and put a playlist together on an ipod you'll be pumped

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    i personally would not use pre-workout supps yet reason why is when you come off you most likely will crash and worsen the problem.I would fix things naturally first and spark your self through a mental motivation within after weeks of gaining your motivation back you can take pre-workouts to boost your already motivated self.Also in the mean time i would take zma before bed and get good sleep at least 8hrs. if you are taking any sort of caffeine quit it for 1 month the body must rest caffeine is temporary source of energy.


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