workout help!!!

  1. workout help!!!

    I need a good all around balanced workout....I've been liftin for a long time , but recently took 3 months off due to a busy unfortunalately i lost alot of my muscle and even put back on some weight. But im gettin my ass back in gear and i just need help on a solid workout routine. I know wat im doing, but i dont at the same time...I know that sounds dumb but i sometimes just dont know how many reps to do and wat lifts i should do? I have a pretty good amount of knowledge on wat to eat and amount of cardio i just need a little help on a rountine. Also another routine so i can switch it up in like a month, to not hit a plateau. If anybody could give me a hand that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Days you can workout per week?
    a typical split for you is?
    any injuries other than the back?
    -is the back causing limitations?
    any lagging bodyparts?

    Please answer these thoroughly, then we can work on a routine
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  3. i can workout any day of the week and i dont have a back problem? but i do have knee issues, not too bad but just enough to piss me off.

  4. CHEST AND TRICEPS(all 8 to ten reps and 4 sets, and you can do all barbell or dumbell or incorporate both in the same workout)
    *Flat bench
    *dumbbell fly's
    *wide pushups(max reps)
    (i also do supersets but it depends on what u like for ex. incline press and fly's)
    BACK AND BICEPS(8 to 10 reps 4 sets)
    *Pullup wide grip(max reps 4 or 5 sets)
    *barbell rows
    *one arm dumbbell rows
    *barbell curls
    *incline dumbell curls
    *hammer curls
    *ass to grass squats(smith machine depending on how you feel with it)
    *weighted lunges
    *calf raises(very heavy)
    *dumbbell or barbell press
    *arnold presses
    *side lateral raises(very strict)
    *bent over shoulder flys or rear delt fly machine
    *Upright Rows
    *Barbell Shrugs in front and back(do on the smith machine and you can do one set in front of you then immediatly step over and do in behind you)

    Hope that helps, alot of it come from what i have been doing i tend to switch it up every 4 weeks or so and im also trying to gain nuthing but mass right now so im not really trying to incorporate much toning exercises so have fun.

  5. forgot triceps
    *incline skull crushers(dumbell or ez bar)
    *1 arm dumbell extentions(sitting or standing)
    *2 arm dumbell kickback(Strict and i sometimes do strip sets)

  6. basically four days on 1 off and wht i also think goes good together is shoulders and arms, and supersets work wonders on days that you don't really have alot of time.

  7. ok thanks, but i was looking for more of a routine like monday do this.... tuesday do this.... etc

  8. sorry, I misread your post, and saw the word back and somehow translated it to a back issue. Anyways, the workout above is fairly decent and would be good. I also forgot to ask what your previous routine looked like?
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  9. you can basically make this work around anything else that you do so you could figure out which days to do what, it doesnt really make a difference what you do on what day as long as you have enough time and give the body enough rest.

  10. My old workout was....

    Monday= Chest and Tris, and i would just do bench and incline and various tri workouts...3x8
    Tuesday= Back and Bis, and the normal curls and deadlifts and other stuff 3x8

    Wed= off day

    Thursday = Shoulders and forearms, military press, shrugs, and stuff like that 3x8

    Friday = Legs, squats and leg press 3x8

    Weekend = off

    It was a pretty good workout and i would do cardio after lifting and sometimes in the morning before school, and do abs after i finished my lifts, i sometimes ran on saturday mornings and sometimes play football with my buddies on sundays

  11. I'll be able to lay something out on thursday, I am finishing up work today and have a full schedule tomorrow, I may pop on here but thursday will be the day I can put it on paper
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  12. alright the sooner the better for me...and thanks a lot i appreciate this

  13. I noticed that you said you are coming back from a 3 month layoff. I would start with the workout DL18 gave you. I would only do 2-3 sets, and use your working weight for those exercises, I HATE pyramiding, so find your weight and stick with it. In 4-6 weeks, we can change up the routine, but I don't want to do too much too fast.
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