I'm looking for a bench that has a decent leg attachment

  1. I'm looking for a bench that has a decent leg attachment

    Any reccomendations? I really want to start doing leg extensions and curls again, but the leg attachment on my bench sucks. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. Nobody here trains at home with a bench/leg attachment they can recommend?

  3. My Cap Barbell Stinger has a nice and solid leg attachment. Held up with 200 lbs. on it although I think it's only rated for 100.

  4. I use the powertech bench and have the leg developer. Seems alright, I never used any other to compare it against. Don't know what weight it's rated for, but should go WELL over 100.

  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be looking into these models. Also how loud is it while you perform these? My current leg extension makes a ton of noise. I know a lot of that noise is due to the weight bar being kind of loose, but having nothing to compare it too, I'm wondering if this is common. Any more suggestions from others are welcomed.

  6. I have rubber coated plates, and mine is very quite. Of course it might be the plates. My bench is just by itself by the way, it's used in my power rack. (dunno if they have a regular integrated bench model.)

  7. Rubber coated plates would certainly reduce the sound from clanging weights. For me, holding the weights in place with a collar also helps with that. It seems the majority of the noise is coming from the lever it's self, due to some loose parts. Powertec seems to be a very solid company, so I would expect higher quality from them than my current bench made by Weider.

    This decision on my next piece of equipment for legs has been killing me!
  8. Ironloo
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    the golds gym xr10 is great you will get about 5 45lb. plates on the leg attachment its cheap and held alot of weight on it go get one.


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