help increase deadlift

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    help increase deadlift

    Whats the best program or method to increase in the deadlift and should i use a belt or no. I always done them 10 reps but i like to increase my max and 3 rep.any help appreciated.

  2. Stop doing sets of 10 and start doing sets of 5 or less.

  3. with deads it is best to train using sets of 3 reps or less when trying to increase your 1rm, i like to go 1x3,1x2,then 8 sets of 1 working up to a 1rm. once you exceed 70% of your 1rm you should wear a belt for injury prevention. explosive excercises such as power cleans, power sqauts, hang cleans, clean pulls, and snatch will laso help with hip strength and explosion from your hips.
  4. Ironloo
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    thanks i already started last week i increase 10lbs. everytime

  5. using bands and chains also if u have access

  6. Also do Rack Pulls once a month to get used to holding massive amounts of wait and locking out, it really helps a lot


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