bow flex power pro opinions?

  1. bow flex power pro opinions?

    im thinking about buying one of these. a guy has a good deal on it and i thought it would be a good way to bench press at home without a spotter.
    i not compleatly sold. what do you guys think keep in mind i have no room for a normal bench and this folds op into a 2 by 2 spot in the corner. in other words are these junk? or not good to work out on?

  2. Ironloo
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    If i were you i would not get the bow flex go to buy the 140lb. weighted vest do your pushups, jump squats, pullups, situps, dips cardio with the vest. Use the room that you were going to put the bowflex in and use free weights if u can get elite rings get them use your vest, rings, and dumbells and barbells instead much better than any you will be stronger you probably already max the bow flex out they are not hard enough for a good workout.

  3. I know the bowflex folds up (I had one), but I can't imagine you couldn't fit an adjustable bench paired up w/ adjustable DB's (Bowflex or Powerblocks) in there. Would be better, IMO.

    But, if you are set on the Bowflex, it isn't a bad piece of equipment. I just think there are better ways to train in a limited space.
  4. jim623
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    A friend gave me a bowflex. Now I know why. I would not waste my money on one.
  5. dpfisher
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    If you wanna bench without a spotter use dumbbells. Dumbbells seem to build mass and strength faster than a bar, for me anyway.

  6. yea i have free weights already 480 lbs a weight tree, strait bar, curl bar, tricept bar, chin up bar, ultimate push up deals, 4 dumbells(adjustable) the problem is i dont have room for things streaching across my living room. i already have a full living room and i live in an apartment. the thought was the bowflex would allow me to bench and fold right back up into a corner without making my house unlivable for the rest of my family.... but every one here is sayin is a peice. now im not sure if i should just keep doin what im doin.....

  7. If anything, I would ditch the bowflex and downsize your equipment, if necessary. They do have BB stands that allow you to stand your BB's upright in a corner.

    I still feel an adjustable bench and adjustable dumbbells would be your best bet, but they are cost prohibitive.

    Or, see if you can test out or borrow the Bowflex for a couple weeks and see if it will work for you. Assuming moving it in/out won't be that much of a pain.
  8. dpfisher
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    Maybe you could find a foldable bench?

    Here's an example, not sure if this is standard or olympic but I'm sure you can get both:

  9. thats a cool bench i didnt even know they made such a thing im not sure what im gonna do yet maybe ill offer him $150 if he takes it ill get it if not eh oh well

  10. Just do what fat people do and use your weight bench for a end table and other stuff for a clothes rack when not in use!!

    That's really all I have to offer, sorry....
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!


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