Day 1 chest/back

I do about 8 total exercises, real heavy about 4 to 5 sets per exercise with reps ranging from 10 to 4, but always to failure. I usually pyramid my sets. With alot of supersetting. I find that supersetting lets me crush chest better without hurting my shoulder. I do, incline dumbells, bent over rows, cable cross overs (high, mid, low) lat pulldowns, seated rows, flat bench barbells. This usually takes an hour and 15 min, 30 min cardio (I'm cutting now) then home.

Day 2 arms

I superset tris, bis, forearms etc, I set up a circut including stight bar curls, dumbell curls, hammer curls, skull crushers, tricep press downs, tricep extensions ect. I keep repeating the circut until I can't touch my face
30 min cardio, home

day 3

squats and deads. Leg presses. I usually puke on this day. Cardio, home

Day 4 is off, then I repeat.