135lb. squat max reps

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    135lb. squat max reps

    Wondering if anyone has done this just max out with 135lb. on squat, get pins or safety rack ready and time your self go at least parallel my racks were set below parallel so if the bar touched that was below parallel. Also time yourself i completed 132 reps in 7:52, last year i did 103 reps between 10-13 minutes.This is more of mental challenge i do this rarely im sure everyone here likes to do stuff like this every once in a while. If you never tried this you should at least once so post your reps and time and go at least parallel and get ready to be sore at least a couple days i did mine after a chest workout so i can work my legs wed or friday.So good luck to whoever is curious.

  2. The week after did you notice and significant strength gains? This seems pretty hardcore!

  3. Many people do DC on here, including me, and DC principles of rest pause sets are similar, esp in terms of squats. Only difference is 1) using more weight, and 2) doing around 20 reps, sometimes more or less.

    example: 27 reps with 315, rest-paused, would be a DC workset.
    By rest-pausing, if you dont know, you simply lock out the knees at top, breath heavily til you are rdy for one more rep, and keep going to failure. The idea is start with a weight you can only do around 6-8 reps with, and every week try to beat your previous record. As a result, the weight keeps going up.

    In terms of 135 for a 100+, I dont know what your max strength is on squats, but either way congrats for the accomplishment, and if it helps with w/e you are going for, keep at it.

  4. wow bro - you'd be a really good fireman. You could probably fireman carry a 135 lb. woman to the top of the statue of liberty with 132 reps!
    Back.... for real this time
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    I was told by a reputable individual, that since the legs muscle group is so distant from the brain, that low weight high rep is actually better.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jim623 View Post
    I was told by a reputable individual, that since the legs muscle group is so distant from the brain, that low weight high rep is actually better.
    Better for reaction time or strength training? I'm not saying this isn't true but I'm having difficulty making the logic connection.
    Back.... for real this time

  7. Awsome job,That seems incredible. I know i couldnt do it but i think i want to give it a try.


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