during a sports season

  1. during a sports season

    I am currently in a basketball season, what kind of lifts should i do? Should i go for gains, or just maintain the weight i am at now? Be on any supplements, etc...? any help would be much appreciated.

  2. During football season I lift Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday is a light upper body day considering we have a late night practice that day and Saturday is a total body day which is a little more intense. Football takes a lot out of me so working out twice a week can be hard but it is very important in maintaining most of the muscle throughout the season. I don't play basketball but I have never heard of gaining during a sport and if I were you I would just focus on maintaining because gaining requires a lot of rest which would probably not be possible based on your schedule. The only supplement I took during season was X-tend for the amino acids and recovery, and whey protein.

  3. I had a similiar problem i would focus of course on basketball first off but try to maintain your not going to make any noticeable gains in size so think of it as a cutting cycle, Focus more on toning and what not cause with basketball your doing a lot of cardio. I would never reccomend trying to gain muscle mass with so much running.

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