outter biceps

  1. Unhappy outter biceps

    Im having trouble getting my biceps to grow out more...no trouble getting them to grow in. What would be the best thing to do?

  2. Gain some weight. You're 6'2" and weigh less than 200lb. Your arms will grow as the rest of you does. Later, if your bis are still lacking in some way then you could try altering the grip you use on pulling movements and curls, locking your hands back during curls and incorporating more hammer and reverse curls.
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  3. Your arms, including your out portion of the biceps will look larger if your triceps are large. Larger triceps definitely make that area of your arm look larger. A little something to think about.

    Hammer curls and reverse curls also good biceps builders. A lot of people do neither.

  4. Reverse,Hammers, and Pin Wheel curls
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  5. Ironloo
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    heavy close grip curls on e-z bar or close grip straight bar

  6. whats better, ez bar or straight?
  7. Ironloo
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    both are great but ez bar is easier on your wrist when i use the straight bar i cant hold it as close cause of this but both work.

  8. When your curling make sure to keep your shoulders pinched, elbows back. Bring the dumbell/bar all the way down. It's amazing how much better range of motion you get and how many guys I see every day who do it wrong. I almost never see anyone curling right. Wide grip pull-ups can be a excellent bicep builder. A different feeling from the traditional stuff.
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  9. i have a similar issue...
    my tris are great, inner bi head fine, outer looks small so i have a narrow bicep

    i did variations of different things, like close n wide curls n altered widths n grips.

    the best 2 exercises for me are slightly different than what i wouldve assumed.

    i use db's so i keep pressure off my wrists, the ez bar is a nice change at times but it puts pressure on my shoulders with a closer grip.

    i use db's w shoulders up and pulled back, i keep my elbows tight to my sides and the entire time try to raise with the inner portion of my palm near the pinky to focus on the outer head. you can try keeping the db's closer which generally does work the outer head better but i get a better feel keepin a slight angle outward (which is not how its supposed to be but it is for me). i also do cable curls but i face away from the machine, whereas some face the machine. facing the machine helps my peak facing away helps stress the stretch of the movement from bottom to top of the movement.
    db curls 3x6-8
    cable curls 2-3x6-8
    reverse ez curl or db curls 2x8
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  10. good feedback thanks


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