5x5 routine question

  1. 5x5 routine question

    I'm curious about the 5x5 routine. I've never really had a strict workout plan, I kinda just do whatever I feel like hasn't been destroyed enough and it works pretty well. I never liked doing the same stuff every week for a couple months it gets too boring. But the 5x5 seems cool. My question is whether its geared towards size gains or what?? I'm a pretty small build and have to work hard to gain even a pound after weeks. Would this routine be something that might be good for me or just stick to heavy weight and low rep routines.


  2. i would stick with heavy weight low reps for big movements at the start of your workout and then make hytrophy your goal

  3. 5x5 is a heavy weight low rep routine

  4. I use a Post-Exhaust 5x5 routine and its designed to increase strength on evey lift, and depending on diet that should translate in to size and weight growth.

    Quote Originally Posted by James Chan View Post
    Mass and Muscularity: The Post-Exhaust Routine

    You've no doubt heard of the “pre-exhaust technique.” The post-exhaust compound set is the exact opposite. The post-exhaust technique requires that you perform a heavy multi-joint movement for a body part followed by a lighter single-joint movement for that same body part. An example of this would be a bench press followed immediately by dumbbell flyes. The beauty of this technique is three-fold:

    1. You develop the pure fast-twitch muscle fibers with a heavy compound movement and then hit the intermediate fast-twitch muscle fibers with the lighter movement.
    2. The post-exhaust technique allows you to extend the volume of a set, without compromising intensity.
    3. This technique also allows you to hit the body part from different angles with more than one exercise, without overextending the length of your workout. This way you can work on both bulk and symmetry.

    ... Remember to use as much weight as you can on the first exercise of the compound set and move the weight as quickly as possible. This will activate the pure fast-twitch muscle fibers, which have the most growth potential. On the second exercise, use lighter weight with a more controlled tempo. Emphasize constant tension on this second exercise.
    source http://forum.108spirits.net/showthread.php?t=793
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  5. Quote Originally Posted by stullsy View Post
    5x5 is a heavy weight low rep routine
    i dont really like the 5 x 5 i think its too much volume to go heavy enough. but thats just me!

  6. I like it because its the fastest way to I have seen to get in a good full workout I can do 2 body groups a day in 30-40 mins. and be sore as hell the next day increasing my max on every lift.
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

  7. For the post exhaust method do you perform more than 5 reps on your seconds exercise? This is the exercise with the controlled movement.

    I was thinking of :

    Chest/Tricep Day

    Bench Press 5x5
    DB Fly's 4x12

    Weight Tricep Dips 5x5
    Skull Crushers 4x12

    Does this sound like a way to go?

  8. I do 5x5 on the second exercise too just real slow (3 count up 3 count down) with enough weight fail on last set. the split looks nice, but the 1st exercise should be fatiguing you enough to ave you shaking by the 3rd set on the second exercise. But that's just how i do it if you try more reps and like it and it works for you go for it bro
    Your fastest weight is your best weight


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