plateau Help needed.

  1. plateau Help needed.

    Im not sure what to call this. I will give you the run down.

    I have been hitting the gym for about 5months or so. Took a month off when i went traveling about mid stream and I have had 2 times when I took a week off inbetween those times. As you can see from my post count I am not very knowledgeable in what I am doing. I jsut read a few things and go for it. When I started back in Feb, I couldnt run so I was on bikes and I would only curl about 15lbs (Im now up to 50-60lbs). Which being 6'+ and a that time well over 300lbs was really horrible. I am now in the mid/high 270's range and abotu 2 weeks ago moved from exercise bikes to running. I am only able to maintain a jog for abotu 5-6 mins but I keep at the speed jsut before jogging for about 15mins or so. Keeping heart rate around 130-140 while walking and hten up to 155 while jogging. Until this week when I decided to try something new this is the run down of my workouts:

    1 day I would do Hammer Curls or Bicept Curls, Tri Extensions, lat pull down, sit ups, and a seated dip. Each except the situps was for abotu 4 sets. 1 warmup and 3 each set is at the weight that I can only do 5 reps of at a time.

    1 day squats, leg extensions, leg curls, leg press, and sit ups. Again 4 sets, squats usually 5-7 reps for each set at a weight that is abotu as high as I can put it.

    1 day assisted pullups, a machine I cant seem to locate right now and the name escapes me you hold you arms in a L and bring them up to shoulder height it works the traps I think, good mornings, back extensions, sit ups, and chest press or lat press. Depends if lats are sore from the 1st workout day or not. 3sets at 6 reps and higher weight.

    the problem I have encountered here is all of my strength gains seem to be stopped. I am not able to add any new weight. What I am able to do is more sets. Not reps but sets. This week I took a friend's advise, not sure how good it is, but what I have done last week is started at low weight, maybe the same weights I started at march or April when i first started working out. Then only increase by the smallest I can according to the plates or dumbbells available. and keep going until my maximum weight. The problem with this is I can keep going at my max weight until its energy failure, not muscle failure. But when i try to add more weight I cant lift it at all. Not even once. Even lowerign the reps I usually cant do higher weights less times.

    My question is what can I do to get out of this and start adding some more strength. I seem to be able to keep my stamina up (asside from running becuase ive never been able to run) I jsut cant seem to gain the strength. The only other thing I have noticed is the energy rebound I used to get maybe 15mins after I leave the gym, doesnt tend to come now until several hours later or sometimes nto at all. I still have the euphoric feeling but not the hyper activity almost.

    I take 2 Whey shakes on workout days. 1 I begin drinking a little bit before my workout and drink through out the workout and 1 I drink after the workout or before bed. I also add Glutemate to keep the soreness down. I currently live over seas and dont speak the local language. Meats are super expensive to buy on my own, but are cheaper when purchased in a meal (a big reason for the Whey). I tend to eat foods not too good for you, hence the weight loss slow down, but I also try to make sure I take in veggies and meats and reduce breads although I do eat rice with everymeal (liv ein Asia).

    I would appreciate any advise and any help to get me back on the road to strength gains. This is frustrating to work my ass off and get stuck because I dont have the proper knowledge. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  2. One thing to look at is your form. You will get considerably stronger when you learn proper technique. Youtube the excercises you do and then compare your form in a mirror.

  3. thanks! I realize im doing hammer curls pretty sloppily now. Curls are 'ok' could be better....I think this might be the issue! Weird I didnt think of this before.....thanks!

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