Favorite Lifting Routine While on a Cut?

  1. Favorite Lifting Routine While on a Cut?

    Hey guys, about to start a 7.5 week cut for my cruise in late January. I'm looking for a good lifting routine for a cut. Anyone have a favorite or perhaps a link to check out some popular routines?

    I'm also be doing a 5wk dermacrine + protodrol cycle to help maximize fat loss and retain or even gain some lbm.

  2. p90x = cut extreme.

  3. I just use my regular routine and add in 2-4 x 20-30 minute pm cardio sessions.

    ANYthing is going to work as long as your nutrition is on pointe. I would suggest doing something that is very high intensity and stick to lifting as heavy as you for whatever sets/reps you end up doing.

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