Critique my Routine for Cut?

  1. Critique my Routine for Cut?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm going on a cruise in 7.5 weeks and looking to do a nice cut/recomp until then. I am 6'ft tall and currently weight 216lbs - with a goal of losing at least 15lbs of fat while maintaining or even gaining some lbm.


    Protodrol or Hdrol (along w/ support supps and PCT)

    I'm starting the proto or hdrol next Monday and will run for 5 wks at 50/50/75/75/75

    Was looking for any suggestions/links/etc to good lifting routines for a cut. I was considering something like this.

    Workout A - Chest/Shoulder/Tri

    Flat Bench - 3x10
    Incline Bench - 3x10
    Shoulder Press - 3x10
    Lateral Raises or Upright Rows - 3x10
    Skull Crushers or Dips - 3x10

    Workout B - Back/Bi/Legs

    Lat Pull - 3x10
    Single Arm Rows - 3x10
    Shrugs - 3x10
    Bi-cept Curls - 3x10
    Squats - 3x10
    Hamstring Curls - 3x10

    Full Routine as follows:

    Day 1 - Workout A
    Day 2 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 3 - Workout B
    Day 4 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 5 - Workout A
    Day 6 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 7 - Workout B
    Day 8 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 9 - Workout A

    Rinse and Repeat with occasional rest days thrown in there about once a week. I'll be running fairly low card/high protein/moderate fat for the diet.

    Any suggestions/feedback/etc?

  2. Any feedback? Look ok?

    Does anyone have a favorite cutting routine they'd like to post? Or helpful links?

  3. HOLY GOWD I would die if I tried doing back and bi`s on legg day

    besides I wouldnt have enough time to give leggs the proper focus and intensity if I tried doing more than just leggs.

    also , for me anyway i keep most of my strength on a cut by going as heavy as possible with lower reps.

  4. Ditch the Hdrol and stack some RPM/DRIVE/NeoVar/IGF-2... Much safer and really effective for a cut. I took it and had a leaning effect without even trying to diet for that. It was pretty nice.

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