Ok..check this routine out

  1. Ok..check this routine out

    My buddy swears by this routine, im just coming off a 9 week 5x5 routine and i'm willing to to give this a shot, however it puts me in the gym 5 days a week.

    And repeats like this, workout 1=M 2=Tues 3=Wensday 1=Thursday 2=Friday, sat/sun off monday is 3, then 1, then 2, then 3 etc.

    Overtraining? Im not sure..since the frequency and volume changes each week, check it out.

    the program goes for 12 weeks. it consists of 2 6 week cycles. One cycles consists of 6 weeks of increasing sets and changing reps ranged week to week to confuse your body and avoid muscle stress adaptation.

    you start off on week 1...doing just 2 sets per exercise. this isnt much but really gets ur body ready for growth since u will b adding sets throught the course of 6 weeks. follow this as follows

    week 1- 2 sets of 10-12reps failed
    weeks 2 and 3- 3 sets of 5-7 reps failed
    week 4- 4 sets of 10-12 reps failed
    weeks 5 and 6- 5-7 reps failed

    this is a 6week cycles. by the end of this cycle, your body is almost in an overtrained state as the workload is extremely high. so on week 7 u back off down to 2 sets again and build it back up.

    workout 1 chest n shoulders
    flat, incline, flies
    shoulder press, side lateral

    worout 2back n tris
    deadlift, lat pull downs, cable rows, shrugs
    tri pushdown, close grip bnch

    workout 3legs n bis
    squat, leg press, leg curl, calf raise
    preacher curl, barbell curl

    train 5 days a week
    muscles are hit twice a week
    take off sat and sun

  2. ill give you a bump...not sure about the routine but once i finish my 5x5 i will also do more volume but with the german volume training method.

    good luck

  3. Yeah i'm going to try this out, did the chest/shoulders yesterday and it made me feel like a bitch honestly my endurance is so looow anything over 6 reps im failing, funny 2nd set 205 for 10 was hard, but i can get 315 for 3 lol

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