Need help to get back in shape

  1. Need help to get back in shape

    Yeah - it feels kinda weird and at the same point back on these forums again. I stopped bodybuilding when I started falling into a bad depression - so I really haven't done anything for the past year as far as fitness goes. I do play the occasional b-ball at the park - but that is just one-on-one and not very physical.

    I am looking to get back in shape. I am 192 pounds - and I am 6-5. At the peak of my previous venture with bodybuilding, I hit my goal which was around the 220 mark. I want to gain weight, strength, and endurance - because I am planning on starting to get into pick-up games.

    The only book I have on bodybuilding is "Brawn" (Third Edition), and I am interested in learning more as I guess bodybuilding theory (is that the right term?) so I would like any books that could guide me to get in shape. A book that I was recommended was "Static Contraction Training" by Peter Sisco, but I didn't really get a chance to look at what the basis of the training is.

    So if anybody could help me with what exercises I should start out with, whether I should do cardio or not (guess I should since I want to get my endurance back).

    But I do have a problem at the moment - and that is my thyroid levels are elevated. I haven't really gotten the chance to see how high they are, and what treatment I may or may not need - but right now I have extremely high anxiety levels and panic attacks which may be related to the thyroid levels. So I don't know if that plays a factor in how I should start out.

    I know this isn't the sub-forum for it, but if you could recommend me some supplements that could help. I realize exercise and nutrition are the two most important keys in bodybuilding, but I think supplements are important as well. I ordered Purple Intrain and two tubs of golden gains. I also take jarrow formulas b-complex and magnesium. I have some creatine left from my previous bout of bodybuilding (including neo-var and plain monohydrate) - but I don't know if I should be taking creatine right now. I also have some xtend left, and one supplement I loved was GPLC.

    I can't wait to get started again - and any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ok looks like my thyroid levels are more in the normal range now. testosterone levels may be low though. is there anybody that can help me? basically, i want to get in shape for basketball.

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