Hey Guys

Just want some good opinion on methods of cardio for fat loss. I've read in many places people posting the pros and cons of doing both steady state cardio (ie 40 minutes on a bike) and interval training (ie HIT) but couldn't really come to a conclusion

I currently do 40 minutes of steady state cardio, mixing it up between the bike and the eliptical machine and i keep my training between the Aerobic zone (70-80% of my max HR) so it isn't an easy stroll.

During that time I also adjust the levels/intensity every 5 minutes aiming to keep within the same 70-80 HR zone all the time i.e on the eliptical I may do 5 minutes at level 8 and then 5 mins at level 10 and then back down to 8 again and so on.. or i'd gradually increase it in the form of a hill climb and then start from the bottom again and go up..

Now to my question doing that form of cardio with the random intensity to keep at the 70-80 HR zone is that effective? OR should i mix it up and do say 15-20 minutes of HIIT and then 20 minutes of steady state keeping at 70-80%??