Good exercises for shoulder and upper back pain

  1. Good exercises for shoulder and upper back pain

    I started having pain at the top of my right shoulder 2 and a half months ago when my upper back started hurting. A lot of the pain has gone away in both and I was told by a few people that once the muscle is inactive for awhile it's good to start working those muscles again. So, I did some shrugs with just barbel handles and some of the shoulder pain went away, but I haven't worked on my upper back in two months since I pulled it. I was wondering, before I start working out again, what are some exercising I can do to help me recover from the pain. In my upper back I have some dull acking pain still but I have no more sharp pain. I had an x-ray done and everything came back okay. I would say about a good 65% of the pain has gone away, but I still have lingering pain that won't leave. Also I'll point out I'm recovering from a knee injury. My doc said he believes I have tendinitis in my knee, so I haven't even been doing any stretches for my legs. I've just been taking cissus.


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    What positions specifically?

  3. I have a lot of knee and shoulder problems, nothing major but enough to inhibit my weight training. I switched over to body weight training for a month and let my joints heal and it really helped. I also do a lot of rehab work for my knee such as one legged squats and i do a bunch of stuff on a reebok stepper. I took a yoga clas the other day and I think that it''s something that will definitely complement the rest of my training very well. Working through one class was challenging for me as far as balance and static strength goes and I look forward to more classes.

    I'd probably think outside of the box and not rush into weight training so soon especially if you still have pain. I'd find something you like to do that isn't so inhibiting as far as movement is concerned i.e. boxing, swimming, basketball. Heavy weight training doesn't sound like a good idea at this time for you.

  4. facepulls!



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