Gym Liability? Or am I skipping Christmas?

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  1. Wow, what an ass! He should have insurance that will cover this. At the most he could ask you to cover the deductable. If he's a jerk about it, is there another gym close by?

    Quote Originally Posted by daveydoodle View Post
    I understand ultimately it's my fault, and what the right things to do is, but I just wanted a sounding board;

    Today at the gym I went to put a 45 back on the weight stack which was right next to the mirror (bad spot to be), and bumped it against the mirror. Of course it spider cracked about 20" out. Since I try to do the right thing when I can I told them about it and the club manager said they'll get several quotes and have to "send me a letter".
    Any thoughts on whether (1) the gym insurance should pay for it, (2) they're at fault for having the weight stack RIGHT next to a mirror, or (3) I'm skipping Christmas and paying for a $2000 mirror?
    Ever happen to anyone else??

  2. Agreed.

    BUT even if he doesn't have insurance he should take care of it IMO
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  3. 1 fricken mirror is 2000. that cant be right. i just looked this up on the internet, I will pm you the link. I realized that could be a way low price , but even if you add 4-500 dollars to that its still way cheaper than what this guy is charging you.

    edit: Im looking up these prices and i dont get this 2000$ for a mirror, the prices Im seeing are nowhere near what hes charging you. i understand installation might be more than normal because its 1 mirror, but still not that much.

    What I would do is find out where they got these mirrors with out the managment knowing, and call your self to get a qoute, just to give yourself some piece of mind. Also Have you talked to actual owner of the gym, or company. Sounds like you should take this a bit further up the chain of command to make sure that this is actually the case. That is if you really care about working out there. If you plan being in the area for a long time, my guess is you will be there longer than the manager will.

    1 more thing that came to mind is the possibility that they are trying to get you to leave. Looking at your profile it says your 6'4" 270, im guess your liftinmg some pretty heavy weight. If your a pwerlifter type they may see this as an oppritunity to get rid of you. just another thought.

  4. I just went through a similar product based legal issue. Here's my opinion:

    I don't think it's against the law for the gym owner to ask you to pay for the mirror. It's probably in his best interest to just ask you to pay for it. It's also perfectly legal for you to say you won' pay.

    At that point, it would probably cost him more to get you to court than to simply pay for the mirror himself. And on top of that, we all seem to think he doesn't have a case anyway.

  5. And bad customer service as well.

    I would think the owner might also be concerned that if it is foreseeable that a person could break the mirror because of its location HE could be sued if someone were to get injured.
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  6. I don't know if they're trying to get rid of me for other reasons, but I'll admit they don't seem happy at my use of chalk, chains on the bench, and noises that may slip out during a hard lift! I feel like I get along with everybody there. The front desk girls, the custodians and I know the trainers like me because I seem to be their resource quite often.
    I agree with Celc5, I think they were just trying to take advantage of my honesty and see if I would pay. The weight tree was moved away from it's poorly placed location minutes after this happened. So I also agree that they may see their own liability in this.
    I'm going to continue to use both gyms and maybe this will just go away eventually.

  7. Davey,
    even though I don't know you all that well, I sort of sense that you genuinely feel really bad over this. Don't let something silly like this wear on you. Seriously, the worst case scenario is no big deal.

    Give the weights some hell


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