Gym Liability? Or am I skipping Christmas?

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  1. I don't know if they're trying to get rid of me for other reasons, but I'll admit they don't seem happy at my use of chalk, chains on the bench, and noises that may slip out during a hard lift! I feel like I get along with everybody there. The front desk girls, the custodians and I know the trainers like me because I seem to be their resource quite often.
    I agree with Celc5, I think they were just trying to take advantage of my honesty and see if I would pay. The weight tree was moved away from it's poorly placed location minutes after this happened. So I also agree that they may see their own liability in this.
    I'm going to continue to use both gyms and maybe this will just go away eventually.

  2. Davey,
    even though I don't know you all that well, I sort of sense that you genuinely feel really bad over this. Don't let something silly like this wear on you. Seriously, the worst case scenario is no big deal.

    Give the weights some hell



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