Cardio ?

  1. Cardio ?

    I was wondering how often i should do cardio in a week for weight lose and for how long/where my heart rate should be at. I already have a diet that i stick too and i lift twice a week and i do everything else necessary to lose weight just wondering what i should do for cardio now. The reason i want to lose weight is because i use to be 210lb and i lost fat everywhere except for my stomach and i look odd with gut. im 17 5' 9'' 172lb if that helps

    thanks for the help
    sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot

  2. I warm up for 5 minutes, by either brisk walking or light jogging.

    I go all-out as fast as I can for 20-30 seconds, then slow it down to a light jog type of speed for about 1 minute.

    Then repeat.

    Then I cool down for about 2 minutes near the end.

    Most of the time, I end getting 8 to 10 all-out sprints in a 20 minute session.

    Been doing this 2x/week with good results.
    Hope this helps.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

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