Warming up for heavy sets....

  1. Warming up for heavy sets....

    Now I'll put what I do first....stretch a good bit, then usually 10 reps with a 45 on each side, then add 35's for 3, 35's for 3 more, 35's for 3...now I'm up to 345, and starting to get poopered. Add another pair of 25 for 395 and 3 reps...then add 10 or 15 or 20 pounds....

    Now I start my 3 sets of 5 reps (deloading on the 5x5 right now), and after the 1st set I'm beat and feel like quitting, but finish up the last 2 sets somehow. This is for squats and deads....

    Doing bench press I work up to 300 quickly and that's close to my weight for a working set so that goes well.

    But my question to you all is this....Should I be warming up with lighter sets then jump right into the heavier weights for the sets, or is the way I'm going sensible? Knock on wood I haven't pulled or sprained anything yet, but I get worn out just warming up!!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  2. I tend to do a little bit of stretches (and remember not static stretches like after a workout, but moving stretches) and then do a set of 10 with 50% of working weight, and then a set of 5 with 70-80% of working weight then do full working weight

  3. way too much warm-up... Do a couple ballistic stretches to get the blood flowing, hit a set of 6-8 at maybe 60% of your working load, then do your sets

    May take the CNS some getting used too but ya your wasting a lot of energy with all those extra sets

    lol basically what EJ said now that i read his post

  4. I agree with these guys.

    Your warm up is about getting your heart rate up, ,and get that blood flowing into the working muscles.

  5. I forgot I asked this LOL!!

    Yeah, I'm gonna try your guys' advice and see if that gives me more oomph to lift with.....I'm sure it will!!

    True story:

    I give a f**K!!



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