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    Today, I went to a Endocrinologist to confirm whether or not I have Gyno. My concern is because I have puffy droopy nipples. However, it wasn't as noticeable as my nipples were erect and hard because the room was cold and I told him that he wouldn't see my puffiness because of that. Anyway, I have had this for the last 10 years or so. I have never taken any illegal steroids and this puffiness and droopiness seems to be getting slightly worse as I get older. He basically looked at me and felt my nipple areas and said that I did not have Gyno. He says that I don't need any medication or anything because I don't have it. My question to him is why my nipples puffy and droopy. He said that I might have loose skin. Does this make sense? I work-out and still can't get rid of this puffiness. I am self-conscious about this puffiness and droopiness that I don't wear any tank tops because of this. So my question to anyone who has some good insight, what do you think of this visit to the Endocrinologist? Why do I have puffy nipples if I don't have Gyno?

  2. Get an ultrasound done, its a quick, easy, noninvasive test. What is your bodyfat %, sometimes its just a little fat and depending on nipple position can appear as gyno.

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