any suggestions get rep points...forearm exercise Q

  1. Exclamation any suggestions get rep points...forearm exercise Q

    what are some good exercises for solely bulking up your forearms, can someone help me out here?


  2. Other than the basic wrist curls and reverse wrist curls, you can do reverse curls too build up forearms. Farmers walks with heavy dumbells will really help with grip and building a big set of forearms. Get a rope and a dowel run the rope through the dowel and tie it off, on the other end tie the rope to a weight and do wrist curls and reverse wrist curls rolling the weight up and down.
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  3. hell, bb curls while a bicep exercise will also hit the hell out of your forearms

  4. after a set of regular curls rotate your palms outward and curl some more!!
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  5. Strict, high rep reverse curls built my forearms up above anything else. Hammers come in at a close second. The rest I get from Deads....

  6. deads and farmers only work your grip to the max if you use a double over hand grip, and a weight that can roll. Otherwise, you can use the cheater grip, and rely on your skin to hold the weight.

    So...for grip
    dead lifts with double over hand grip
    farmers walk with DB's (not the farmer's implement)
    curls, farmer's, deadlift with "fat" bar

    My personal favorite is to buy a good the "Heavy Grip"...these are grippers with up to 350 pounds to resist.

    I also like picking up my bathroom scale, and seeing how much weight I can squeeze. Do sets of 5, holding for 5 to 10 seconds each. Set a personal best, and meet or beat it every time.

    I don't do them, but hammer curls seem to be almost all forearms for me...

  7. Dead's heavy shrugs reverse curls reverse preachers and wrist curls mostly the deads do most of the work for sho
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  8. LHJO


    Wooden Dowel w/ a rope attached and a 5-10lb weight at the end. Roll up, roll down.
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