Madcow/bill star 5x5...anyone in shape actually use it

  1. Madcow/bill star 5x5...anyone in shape actually use it

    i've done it myself, helps me gain strength and put up more weight....however once i turn to a full body with more volume is when everything get more cut...obviously probably more volume = more calories burned...

    however....lets not consider my case, everyone who is doing this routine looks out of shape, i don't think i have seen any one cut working out like this... or look like a they are in shape, not talking about J cutler bodybuilder type....for example many of the guys on this forum that look awesome (i.e. tripdogg...) never workout like this...or any other guy who has a great avatar pic

    i want to see someone with a 6 pack who's on this routine consistently..

    just thinking out loud i guess, not knocking

  2. then dont do it if its not what you want? lol simple...

    look up matt kroc his routine is less reps then this and hes ripped

  3. I'm doing it on a bulking phase and bulking is exactly whats going on.

    I've beaten all 3 personal bests for bench, deads, and squats.

    I also started a m-drol to p-plex bridge and kept the 3x3 deload at 3x5, and skipped ahead about 4 weeks weight-wise

    No doubt the calories being burnt during a workout with high volume compounds, the increased metabolism from all the recovery, and the endurance aspect of said compounds, a clean diet should easily keep someone "ripped" on the 5x5. I only care about size and strength right now, so I'm eating like a horse and not too worried about BF at the moment.

    And a 6-pack is more diet than a workout routine....
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. yess also if u want to do powerlifting and stay lean this routine has worked the best for me

    Hepburn Power and pump part B

  5. true...i'm doing this routine to get my deadlift and squat up...i pulled my back a while back and have never been the same...starting low....i set my max for squat at 185 x3 want to work my lower back into it slowly...focusing on bench on the other hand is 285, and row 255... my first workout monday killed my legs even with the lower weight as i haven't done it in a while

  6. I just got off of it, the advanced 5x5 version, however I was having to skip some of the wensday squats because i was just so run down, everytime i run this routine i literally slap 50 pounds on all lifts, no gear, no phs, just your basic staples, it's great for bulk..but I almost feel it dosent give me the aesthetic bodybuilder look, but i'll tell you anyone doing heavy compound lifts 3 times a week 5x5 is not out of shape, bodyfat issues maybe, but who cares! cut it later

  7. I've tried some different programs...for me personally a higher volume, mid-weight scheme works best. I'm a meso/endo however, so I put on weight and mass really easily, but I have to keep my volume and cardio levels higher than say, a straight ectomorph would, or I start getting that fat f*** look.

    Bottom line? I think you have to tailor your program to your genes.


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