One Bicep bigger than the other??

  1. One Bicep bigger than the other??

    Okay guys, I understand that alot of times that the dominant arm is bigger/ more defined than the other. It seems with me its a larger difference. I am/ was a big time bowler so I relate it to that, but my right bicep is much larger and more defined than my left. I am curious of what I can do about it. Currently my right arm is slightly stronger than my left but not as much as it would seem with the size difference. My question is what should I do about this? Should I curl difference weights etc? What would you guys recommend?

  2. I strongly recommend frequent LHJO


  3. Sorry but what is LHJO??

  4. Left handed
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  5. Don't curl different weights, use the same weight for both arms. The best way to correct a size difference is to always start with your weaker arm when doing bicep exercises. However many reps you can get with that smaller arm, only do that amount with your dominant arm even if you could get a few more. This will make sure that you don't overtrain your dominant arm relative to the weaker one and make the size difference even larger. Do this for all your bicep work and I guarantee the size difference will correct itself over time.

  6. Learn to bowl left handed

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    I strongly recommend frequent LHJO

    ^+1 That us, unless you're left handed. Then, it would need to be a RHJO. But, this is rare. I had to switch to RHJO myself to correct this problem.


  8. ok....
    let's think about this now... do you really think that using different weights when curling is going to fix your problem.... think hard now...
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  9. LHJO and neovar injections into left bicep.
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  10. start using dumbbells your arms will even out over time.


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