Weight Vest/ Training Advice (CF)

  1. Weight Vest/ Training Advice (CF)

    So I've been posting a bit and jumping around a lot when it comes to different training styles. I've figured it for the most part out but heres what are probably my last few questions:

    1) A close family friend told me the best preparation would be investing in a weight vest for running/bodyweight PT (For BUD/s). I am low on money as I basically support myself, so I am trying to find a vest that can hold I'd like to say at least 75lbs., but is a good deal. Basically the best value weight vests, and I don't know where to really start, most I see are 20 or 40lbs. max. He told me to shoot a lot higher, and even a 100lb one I can't find for under or around $300.

    2) I have been trying to look into Crossfit, (I got laughed at on another forum for even bringing this up, everyone there is all about power lifting), and it said to follow the workout of the day, which I haven't really looked for, but I was wondering if any other military personnel, or anybody who knows the basics of BUD/s etc. that could give insight as to if Crossfit would be good prep or not. I have time before I even go to basic, and Id like to make the most of it by training correctly. Ive been switching up workouts like crazy and am currently running a 10x10 based off of GVT and rotating cardio. My strength over the years has gone up a lot, which for Log PT and IBS Boat evolutions may help a little, but as far as bodyweight etc. goes I haven't focused much. I can train as often as I need to if it makes a difference.

    3) My major flaw is flexibility. I REALLY want to avoid injury obviously, and I know flexibility will help. Ive heard a lot of different advice on this. I have some flexibility things from Jiu Jitsu, wasn't sure if anybody else might have something else to add. I know one forum member gave me advice before, i cant remember his name, but he trains MMA and seemed pretty experienced, if your him (yea I know thats vague), I'd appreciate hearing what you have to add about flexibility drills.

    4) No SEAL talks. I know what it entails. I've grown up around SEALs. If your thinking of explaining to me how i'll never make it, do yourself a favor and don't post. I understand the SEAL fanboyism/wannabes. I don't deny I am a wannabe, but I'm giving it a shot despite the odds which is more than most people can say, and if I fail, at least I can live with the fact I knew I at least gave it my best shot. I've never had a problem with this forum, but anytime someone finds out what I want to do I get the same talks, thus I've learned it's best to not even say. I just hope everyone respects my decision and can support me with my training without bashing me.

    Alright, that about wraps it up. Thanks in advance for all serious replies.

  2. I can only say that, I just bought what seems like a nice quality vest from amazon for $199. It is a 75# vest. I didn't receive it yet, but I'll report back if you want.
    EDIT: It was a Mir (brand name), and it was the "short" version.

  3. Yea I went on amazon and I didn't know they carried all this kind of stuff. Wow. I found a ton of weight vests, but if you could report back on how you think it will hold up I'd appreciate it. I need something thats going to last.

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