tricep long head difference

  1. tricep long head difference

    hey . look i have bloody hudge triceps, but.. i hate one thing about them, my right hands long head tricep starts from my elbow, but my left hand long head tricep is about 1 and half inch shorter and look stupid compare to rights hand tricep..

    from yesterday i included seated owerhead tricep pushups with BB in my tricep routine, as i read somewere it may lenghtem tri long head so we will see..

    my usual routine is:
    then tricep
    1. heavy dips (my bodyveight is 108kg + i hang to my 45kg DB its about 90lb 3-4 sets x 8-6reps) i change this to close grip bench press or straight bar pushdowns, with flared elbows some thimes
    2.skull crushers 3x 10-6
    3.seated one arm tricep extension with DB , but now i shanged this to seated owerhead tricep pushups with BB.

    anyway, maybe you lads know some good way to lenghten that bloody long head tricep??

    advance thanks for any input...

  2. if you find out let me know i have almost the same problem except my right is shifted over a little to the left and a 1/2 inch longer i found that doing less tricept work out let the toning dye down a little and heavy close press to gain more size helps nothing to completely brag about tho

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