Lower Tricep/Elbow Pain

  1. Lower Tricep/Elbow Pain

    Hey everyone, im having some pain in my lower tricep and little bit in the elbow. At first i had thought maybe i had tennis elbow. But i had no forearm/wrist/or gripping issues. I took 3 weeks off and started my P90X routine back up. Which didnt turn out good. I get pain from push ups, over head and lying over head tricep extensions. My injury flared back up yesterday. Every once in a while i will notice a small "pop" in my upper arm. I have had no swelling or brusing at all. Just dull pains.

    None of the other excercises have given me any problems. I can do some tricep excercises with no problem. Now im out on rest again and more depressed not being able to continue with my goals.

    Does anyone have any advice or experienced problems such as what im having?

  2. No one here is going to be able to tell you exactly what it is. It could be inflammation of the tissues in that area, but that's just a guess. When that area starts hurting, is it warmer than surrounding areas?

    My advice would be to continue resting that area. Don't put any unnecessary strain on it. This may not coincide with your training goals, but being safe and smart always pays off. You wouldn't want to aggravate that area to the point where the situation becomes worse.

    Personally, I'd rest it and see if it got better. However, if the area starts to get worse, even without the added stress of training, I'd definitely advise asking a doctor about it.

    If you want more absolute advice, seek a medical opinion rather than taking mine or anyone else's on this forum. I know there are a lot of smart people around here, but unless someone can assess you first hand, they won't be able to tell you for sure what's going on.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I did notice a little bit of redness and some warmth. But it really wasnt much. My elbows actually feel pretty good today. Ive been taking some Super Cissus RX and resting. Today i started some gentle stretching. I will just take as much time off as it takes and come back low and slow when feeling better.

  4. There are two or sometimes three bursae (I think that is the pleural of bursa ) at the olecranon area of the elbow where the triceps insert.

    There is a superficial one, an intratendinous and a subtendinous.

    You might have irritated one of them, they can take a while to sort themselves out. They can be painful and are susceptible to Strep. Aureus (Spelling!) infection.

    I done something to one of mine and it swelled up and caused a bit pain, it went after a few weeks.

  5. "lying overhead tricep extensions".....do you mean skullcrushers? if so, those killed my elbow too. stop em.



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