Possible to lift too hard?

  1. Possible to lift too hard?

    Assuming I don't do something to cause an actual injury like tear a muscle or tendon, is it possible to lift too hard?

    I'm about 3 months into my lifting program and getting close to lifetime personal bests. I'm no where close to matching what people are capable of lifting. So from a human standpoint I'm fine.

    You know how soreness tends to come on days 1 and 2 after a hard workout. I'm lifting hard enough to get sore the same day. I'm usually pretty well recovered within 4 days from a max intensity lifting day.

  2. As long as your not hurting yourself whatever intensity you can use during your workouts the more the better so the harder you go in some cases the better, but your leaving yourself more vulnerable to injury which is a risk you may not want to take, theres really no lifting too hard term persay. But in my opinions its possible to lift too hard and thats the result of an injury.

  3. Lifting like this certainly will take it's toll - be sure to deload once in awhile and change up your routine. Different people like different times, but try once every 6-8 weeks. Lighten it up a bit for a week or two to help your body recover - look for signs - overall fatigue, loss of motivation, etc. to help determine when it's time to deload.

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