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  1. Suggestions for training routine

    I have been more of an endurance athlete for the past few years, I have gotten away from that and am wanting to gain some mass, I am about 5'8' 135 pounds right now. My goal is around 160lbs lean muscle. I have raised my caloric intake to about 4000 calories a day (I'm take weight gainer and protein), I have quit all cardio, and am doing high weight low reps lifting 4 day a week. I am also take SARM S-4, and am just starting a cycle of tren ace. Does anyone see any problems or am I on the right track?

  2. Well, I would hold off on tren ace as I think that is hormonal. Post your diet. Lets see the 4000 cals you are eating. You should be gaining plenty of weight on that type of diet, especially with a weight(read: FAT) gainer.

    How old are you also?

  3. the 4000 calories is an approximation but I have my weight gainer every morning which is about 1500 calories, my lunch consists of either steak, burgers, or pizza, with fries and/or mozzarella sticks. My dinner consists of beans, chips, chili, chicken wings, rice, and sausages. I'm 21.

  4. jumping right into steroids at 135lbs and zero lifting experience?

  5. As I said I have been an endurance athlete in the past I did a lot of cross county skiing, I've done quite a bit of lifting, but lower weights at higher reps for gaining endurance. I actually haven't decided about my steroid cycle, because I want to research and get more opinions.

  6. Yeah hold off on the tren for sure at such a low weight you have a of room for natural growth. Keep cals up but keep it cleaner man. Instead of burgers and fries try chicken breats, salmon, tilapia, lean beef, whole grains, broccoli, etc etc. Get into a good routine at the gym with good form. Make sure you're getting enough protein, carbs, and good fats.

    Main thing is to keep reading and learning here at AM. I'm still pretty new here but this is site is one of the best tools out there. I'm on here every day just learning.

    Good luck man!

  7. Sorry for the gramatically weird post above but I'm on my iPod sitting in class haha

  8. dude, if ur 135, u can get to 160 easy naturally. when i was your size, my goal was 150 and it took me longer cause i wasnt informed about diet and proper training...etc. but not im around 170 and im 5 9 ish. now i know what to do, especially being in med school im learning sooo much about the body that ive never known before. its all about diet. most of your results will come from diet. you can use fat one you so dont be too strict on ur diet. if u only weigh a buck 35, u can eat whatever you want, as long as ur training. just also make sure u include high carbs, high protein in ur diet ;D

  9. stay away from roids.


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