start from blocks (sprinting)

  1. start from blocks (sprinting)

    I'm beginner at sprinting. And I would like to know how to place blocks correctly(how to choose right length and....).(60-100-200meteres)

  2. that is your coaches job. If you are just doing it for fun a block isn't necessary. It's all about what feels most comfortable to you though.

  3. I have a coach, but i think his technique is "out of date"...(I'm from lithuania and there aren't any good sprinters at all so I guess and coaches aren't too... So I would like to get some tips from American/British/Jamaican sprinter or coach.

  4. whenever I had used blocks I find what is comfortable to me that allows for the best start... that is my recommendation for you.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by defnoxas View Post
    I'm beginner at sprinting. And I would like to know how to place blocks correctly(how to choose right length and....).(60-100-200meteres)
    1. Have someone stand behind you and push you (gently) forward- the foot that comes out first is your smart leg. The foot that stays behind is your power leg
    2. Place the blocks about 3 heel-to-toe paces back from the starting line
    3. Set one side of the block back about a foot's (your foot) length from the other. The block for the smart leg should be forward of the block for the power leg
    4. Kneel between the blocks and the starting line- keep yourself propped up with your arms straight, and your shoulders directly over your hands, with both of your index fingers and thumbs splayed out to support you, shoulder width
    5. Ease your feet back into the blocks while still kneeling, and keep your shoulders and hands in the same position. Relax your neck, and let your chin drop down towards your upper chest. This will take some getting used to- your hands will hurt like hell for the first few times. This is "on your mark" position
    6. @ "get set", elevate your hips with your knees slightly bent, foot dorsiflexed, tighten your core, and keep the weight evenly distributed between your feet, hips, and hands.
    7. When the gun goes off, separate your hands- one elbow going backward (opposite arm of smart leg) and one going foward (opposite arm of power leg, while simutaneously keeping your core tight and exploding off the blocks with your power leg and opposite arm pulling you forward. Keep neck relaxed
    8. Try to gain as much distance as possible on the first few steps- the focus here is not cycling around- but in staying low and driving out- think of it being like an airplane taking off, and keep your core tight and over-exaggerate the forward posture of your shoulders. This will make you almost feel like you are going to stumble- but that is actually normal.....
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