Twice a day workout question.

  1. Twice a day workout question.

    Basically I was told that a 7 day split was dumb. The thing is I REALLY live to be in the gym. Alot of crappy things are happening and its basically what keep me away from drugs, lifting is my only outlet since I cant afford MMA anymore. I've gotten to the point where I lift almost every day and I've actually been gaining more since I've been training more. I eat a ton, and have about 100+g of whey plus 6-8 meals a day. I feel like I can handle the volume so I wanted to start training twice a day. The questions I had were:

    1) Would taking 2 scoops of Superpump a day twice a day have any negative impacts on my overall health?

    2) Id be doing this about 3-5 days a week, basically as often as I can. Is this the norm for a 2 a day?

    3) My natural test sits around 600 now. For being 18 that may be lowish, but that I'd just like to know if it is alright or not and if it would negatively impact my gains.

    4) Any advice from people who train twice a day or actually know about it.

    I'm okay with training less muscle groups at a time in order to just be lifting for more time. I will take weekends off for like big resting, unless it would be better to take like T/TH off or like split it up?

  2. When I train 2 times a day I do my lifting in the morning and cardio/abs at night. Test should be fine. Enough food rest and lifting and it will self regulate at your age. You could do 3-days of lifting with a rest day then 3-more of lifting followed by another rest day and so on. Depends on what split you want to use. I lifted every body part twice in a 7-day period when I did 2 a days. It gets rough when you are using max intensity though. Make sure you are getting enough rest and you will be fine.

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