20 Rep Routine and Cardio

  1. 20 Rep Routine and Cardio

    I'm currently trying out the 20Rep Squat routine for the next six weeks. My goal is to bulk up my legs a little more as they are lacking compared to the rest of my body. My only thing is I am curious about doing cardio, as I don't want to over train my legs. I'm a big fan of running, especially doing sprint intervals. The routine has me working out 3 days a week (I'm doing Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

    I can provide a link to the WO via PM since I don't have the availability yet to post them.

    Any input? Sorry I'm a noob..

    Stats if they matter:
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 183lbs
    BF: ??

  2. I will do around 15 mins. or less. More like 8-10 HIT.
    Sprints no more than 2 x a week, if you not gaining then you'll have to make some adjustments with that. Maybe once a week. One of my all time fav books is Super Squats.

    Also, another great WO is boxing or mirror boxing aka shadow boxing. It's more upper body and wont tax your lower body so much.

  3. Thanks for the response. Is it ok to run with sore legs?

  4. I did a 20-rep squat routine and bulked up fast, ~30lbs in 5 weeks, but it took everything out of me and I didn't do any cardio so I gained fat too.

    I would recommend doing other types of cardio other than running. A program like this requires your legs to heal for the next workout and there is a lot less upper body weight training compared to other programs. It's a great time to try something like heavy bag training, swimming, or a row machine.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by android04 View Post
    Thanks for the response. Is it ok to run with sore legs?
    I'd warm up really well with a dynamic one, then see how the wheels feels. If you include running with this routine you will not gain as much as your hoping to. Personally, I would not squat 3x a week, that is overkill. I'd squat maybe 2x a week along with performing the DL. Even better would be squat once a week with the DL and a box squat or front squat.

    Trust me, after squatting 3x a week for 4-6 weeks you'll most likely throw up thinking about squatting!! You'll dread it. It's just over kill IMHO. And if you follow the routine like the book Super Squats lays out with all the milk, you'll become a lard ass.



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