Why is my bench press stuck at 195 lbs?!?!

  1. Why is my bench press stuck at 195 lbs?!?!

    Okay so in June I started lifting 5 days a week which I have continued to do up to today. I have made alot of gains since then, I started repping 135 on bench and I'm now at 195. But I've been at 195 for about a month now and am starting to get frustrated. I know that people plateau, but it just seems like I shouldn't be plateauing at only 195 lbs... I've just started to take creatine so hopefully thats going to help. BUt anyways, any help? What do you guys do when you just can't seem to increase weight anymore?

  2. i would have to say higher weight with lower reps 5x5 or something like that. Also just get really pumped up before you do it. tell yourself you will do more and settle for nothing less. also it may depend on where in your work out you are doing it, as in at the start or at the end. anyway hope some of that helps

  3. when I hit a sticking point on any exercise I do a pre-exhaust exercise inbetween sets. When I bench I do light dumbell flys inbetween like 30 or 40 for 10 to 12. At first your bench may drop a little, but after a couple weeks drop the flys and you'll be stronger than before. Be sure to push yourself and try not to rest between flys and your set. No pain no gain

  4. Post up your current bench routine and how long you have been doing it.

  5. if ur max is 195.. do 5 singles with 175 a workout then add ten pounds do 5 singles the next workout at 180 then at 185 then 190 untill u cant hit 5 then take a week of and max

  6. take a week off -- or try harder

  7. Maybe take a couple weeks and drop weight but push for 10-12 reps. That has always helped me with breaking plateaus.

  8. hey guys thanks for the advice...right now my current bench workout is 195 lbs 3 sets of 8. I like the idea of doing flys in between sets im gona try that today

  9. Keep switching up your routine. Try some of these ideas for 2-4 weeks:

    Move your bench to a different time during your session.

    Exchange bench for a machine based press. Or do dumbell press for a couple weeks then come back to bench.

    Focus on increasing related lifts like your incline, decline, and shoulder press. Push your tricep extensions. Do some cable flys. This will let you bring more strength to your bench from some of the secondary muscles.

  10. Muscle Confusion is the key to my growth for me it doesnt matter if i hit bench with the same intensity for 4 months straight. I HAVE to mix it up for growth If i see a lack of growth from BB Bench i'll go to dumbells or one chest day i'll knock out like 300 variations of pushups, superset lower weight bench press with pushups or something just something to confuse those muscles into growing we all adapt so one excerise will not yield the same effects all the time if you dont mix it up.

    Just my views on it and personal experience.

  11. vary up your excersizes more. increase the volume. change up your routine more often. have a great diet. and raise the intensity.

  12. What I have done personally in the past is take about a month or 2 off from doing normal flat bench and try a few different lifts.

    Heavy dumbbell flys: go down so you feel a good stretch at the bottom of each rep the extra stretch will help your muscle grow. I like to do these as the last part of a chest routine so I get the stretch at the end of the workout.

    Explosive pushups: regular pushups, clap pushups, triangle clap pushups, fist to clap pushups etc. Go down slow and make sure you explode on the way up as hard as possible each rep.

    Cable crossovers: if you have them at your gym, use them, they are fun and hit your chest from a diff angle.

    Incline/Decline bench: both incline and decline focus more on your chest than the flat bench will try going heavy on these, do incline one week and decline the next.

    Vince Gironda Dips: Check this out, they kinda feel weird at first but they are the best dips for hitting your chest. http://www.ironguru.com/vince-gironda-dips

    Also you use a lot of your front deltoids and triceps when you do the flat bench press so start training those parts heavy aswell.

    For front deltoids try the deltoid front raise: http://genxxl.com/workout/dumbbell-f...toid-exercise/

    For triceps (VERY important to increase bench): Do skullcrushers, close diamond/triangle clap pushups, normal dips focusing on your tris, tricep cable extensions, and close grip benching (go slow at first so you dont drop the bar to one side).

    On top of that make sure you are squatting and deadlifting. Squats and deadlifts make your entire body grow, if you are not doing them, start doing them!

  13. Mjolnir. u coverd it

  14. I got great strength gains doing 4 - 5 heavy sets of incline dumbel presses at 10,8,8,6,6 reps.

    Also, my bench grew as my deadlift strength went up. As my lats got stronger, my bench increased, but for me, I get a decent lat workout on chest day just supporting the weight.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by youngandfree View Post
    Post up your current bench routine and how long you have been doing it.
    MJolnir Hit it.

  16. Wanna look at pyramiding, and I really stress doing HEAVY ASS negatives at the end of a rest-pause set.

  17. I was guna mention Dumbells as well ... Worked wonders for me when hitting a platue. Switch up bud ... incline, decline, flys, ect. You'll get there ...


  18. Being stuck at a 195 MAX and being stuck at 195 for 3 sets of 8, as you mentioned later are very different. Have you tried 200 with a few less reps? That's what I've done in this situation. You need to feel that heavier weight for a few reps at least. I'd either make the 3rd set 200 to failure, or 2nd set 200 for 4 (or so), or throw in a 4th set with a few reps with 200. This has worked for me. Once you start repping the higher weight, before you know it, you will be doing 3 sets with 200, etc.

    If you are deadset on keeping 3 sets of 8, I'd deload by 20% or so, and work my way backup, in which case you should blow right by that 195.

    Keep us posted!


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