1. question!

    okay so im bulking in prep for my first comp that is going to be this summer. while hitting some poses i have noticed that my right shoulder is bigger and rounder than my left shoulder. this may be from many years of playing baseball..idk. anyways i want to make my left shoulder more up to par with my right. do you guys think i should on my shoulder workout days just really focus on my left shoulder and not really work on my right one for a while until they get about even? input would be appreciated thanks.

  2. Thats a tough question. When you do exercises that isolate one shoulder over the other is your right shoulder stronger? I wouldn't ignore one shoulder and solely focus on the other but you might want to hit an extra few sets on one shoulder.
    Back.... for real this time

  3. um its mabey a tad stronger..but also i cannot full straighten my right arm. so that may also contribute to the size difference. thanks for the input

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