Critique my form please

  1. Critique my form please

    Hey guys looking for constructive criticism. Here is a video of me doing incline dumbbell presses.
    Me doing a set of 115lb dumbbells for 8 reps. - AnabolicMinds

  2. Looks like you need to go down about 2-3 inches lower. Other than that it looks good. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Ranger I agree with BigBlonde. That being said, how do the joints feel when you DO go lower. If it gets painful, stay where you are. Seen massive bodybuilders throw around 200s like candy, but they keep your same range of motion because of the joints. These same guys, even if using 50s, are useless an lower.
    Good lifting bro!

  4. Thanks for the honest feedback guys. As for my joints, my elbows are a bit tender, but I think that from doing heavy tricep extensions and stuff. I will try going lower next session and post the difference.

  5. Definitely be careful with your joints. Another thing is to just go with what feels right, going lower helps me feel the stretch in my pecs better but if you still feel like you're working the muscle well then go with what you've been doing. In the end it's all about feeling the muscle contraction and if it works for you then stick with it.

  6. Another reason for me not going lower was because I thought it was unsafe to bring your elbows below parallel. I had been advised in the past that going lower than parallel hyperextends the muscles in the shoulders, especially with heavy weight. Is there any truth to this?

  7. It definitely puts tension on the joints and tendons in the shoulder but to really stretch the pec you need to go past parallel. A lot of people get bencher's shoulder and even get nerve damage in their shoulders but I don't think that it's because of going past parallel, usually due to very heavy weight. You should just go with what feels right, it's probably going to be different from person to person and maybe you don't need to go down too far to get good pec development. I would try going lower and see how it feels, if it hurts then don't do it, just try to find what works for you. Good luck bro and keep it up.

  8. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.


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