need help

  1. need help

    I hope this is the right forum.I was hoping i can get some routine ideas for hockey off ice training. Im looking for strength,endurance,maybe some protein ideas as well or eating habits as well. I weigh 140 dont know my fat percentage im 21.

  2. To increase strength i suggest weight training. For endurance , cardio -run/cycle with a weighted rucksack on your back.set yourself goals and once acheived move up a level.

    Protein sources are all meats eg , beef , chicken,turkey pork , all fish eg, salmon , cod , haddock , tuna , sardines ; eggs ; milk and protein drinks

    For endurance i suggest slow release carbs for energy eg oats, sweet potatoes

    4, 5 OR even 6 small meals spread throughout the day of protein and slow release carbs will help you maintain steady sugar levels and keep up the level of amino acids in your blood
    And dont forget the good fats, xtra virgin olive oil, omega 3s and some 6 (udos choice)although some fish contain both(sardines)

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