3 x week only strength program?

  1. 3 x week only strength program?

    First things first - my main goal is strength.

    Ive played around with this the last few weeks and have my weights sorted (and they are lifting over the past 2 weeks), but im just concerned that it just doesnt seem like much volume? When you are used to 4 or 5x week with high volume its hard to adjust your mind set to training less volume more often.

    So the question: Is this enough to gain strength? Is this enough Volume? And on that note, how important is volume as far as strength is concerned?

    When I can reach 5x5 on each set of the heavy days the following weeks heavy session goes up, as do the % days respectively.

    deadlift: 5x5 (all sets @ 5 rep max)
    Bench: 5x5 (80% of 5 rm) or (work up to 1 set @ 5rm)
    Squat: 1x5 (80% of 5 rm) or (work up to 1 set @ 5rm)

    Bench 5x5 (all sets @ 5 rep max)
    Squat: 5x5 (80% of 5 rm) or (work up to 1 set @ 5rm)
    Rows: 1x5 (80% of 5 rm) or (work up to 1 set @ 5rm)

    Squat: 5x5 (all sets @ 5 rep max)
    Bench: 1x5 (80% of 5 rm) or (work up to 1 set @ 5rm)
    Deadlift: 5x5 (80% of 5 rm) or (work up to 1 set @ 5rm)

    On top of this I've been doing extra shoulder work and a few sets of back exercises after each session since they recover very well for me.

    Keen to hear any recommendations for adjustments or change to the program.

  2. I cannot answer your question about volume, but the routine I am doing now; I do one workset and one drop set (8-12) reps and all my lifts have gone up, especially my main compund lifts; I went up 10 pounds each week in these. Another thing, I only do a 3 day split (Mon-Wed-Fri). Trust me, when you're going to failure/near failure;you are going to want to take full-advantage of those rest days. Hopefully this helps you some.

  3. Thanks - seems like a good little routine you have there.

    Maybe later in my program I will drop it down to 3 x3 for real power and include 1 or 2 sets at 8 - 12 to get some hypertrophy at the end.

    Any other thoughts on the OP anyone?

  4. 5x5 is one of the best strength building programs tha I used in the past. 3x3 was even better for building raw strenth and explosion but do not expect to 'look like a bb' off of either. It's just not enough tut for that but for pure strength and explosion (which is more important to me) it's hard to beat....especially the 3x3.

    There are other prgrams so don't get me wrong butt for a streamlined deal, it's very solid.

  5. You got any programme examples or guidelines of how youve run 3 x 3 in the past?

  6. checkout my log in my sig, i love the current routine and have made the best gains of my life on it, while on no supps and while on supps

  7. Adding standing military press/pull ups wouldnt hurt either, i've never done a completely raw strength building routine but as far as the best 5x5 i've used try this, beautifully explained and my strength goes through the damn roof on this, i was 147 pounds from a big summer cut, now im at 156 in week 3 getting 275x5 on mondays bench



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