your favorites for Arm Size!!!

  1. your favorites for Arm Size!!!

    so what are the exercises which get you the most arm size and in what rep range?

    I've noticed that EZ bar skull crushers have really hammered my Tris. I do 3 x 8 using them.

    Weighted Dips 3 x 12 seem to hammer my upper tris and have added some size.

    As for my biceps and forearms.. i don't know. They seem to take their time to grow.

  2. heavy rows and chins. compound movements all the way

  3. I like the rows and chins too. I hadn't done chins in a month or so, and have zilch for bicep gains. Back to them I go!

  4. Close-Grip
    Hammer Curls
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  5. i love ez bar curls for bi's. Puts great size on my bis.

    Then close grip bench for tris

  6. Flared elbows cable pushdown(mock cgb) and overhead tri extions for tri's

    BB curls, and machine preacher curls for bi's

    Strict reverse curls and hammers for forearms/tie-ins

    * everything rest paused past 20 reps

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    heavy rows and chins. compound movements all the way
    werd. I only directly train my arms once every two weeks, yet they grow.


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