deadlift and bb clean ?

  1. Question deadlift and bb clean ?

    since these two exsersizes work so many muscle groups, where do they belong in my workout. I would think on leg days but would like some input. thanks

  2. deadlift on back day or on ME lower body day.

  3. Yeah, I do them on back days.


  4. I do deads on leg day so I have some extra energy for them otherwise I would not be able to do them the way I like

    Not sure about cleans. Personally I'd probably do deads and cleans on their own day maybe with shoulders since shoulders can be done relatively easily and quickly

  5. DL on back day and cleans on shoulder day. HOWEVER, I lift traps with shoulders. Both are excellent compound moves that expend a ton of energy and I feel they need to be split up.



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