week off after back injury

  1. week off after back injury

    Hey Guys,

    Writing again to see what you guys thing.... I have been an idiot didnt listen to my body and tried to wokrout with tingling in my back... bad idea sharp pain anyway i dont believe its too bad because as of today the pain is pretty much dead still tingling ... I was thinking that I would go ahead and take off my week off now... Im hoping this will be long enough what do you guys think.... ?

  2. I find hanging/pulldowns very therapeutic for back. I also think that standing calf raises, with the weight on your shoulders, is very damaging.

  3. Don't take a week off, you need the blood flow it will make it feel much better. Just avoid exercises that cause compression overhead presses, squats, and also anything bent over. Look into the Mckenzy stretches, ice the area that hurts if it doesnt get better or it gets worse in the next 1-2 weeks seek a doctors advice.

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